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Whats new for 2022?

New year New exciting plans! But lets start with brand new designs for Valentines.... and some old favourites!

This new food inspired range of A6 greetings cards are £2 each and made from my original watercolour designs.

only 1 month to go!


Starting on 1st Feb! Another New for 22 is The art club at Halfpenny Green. I am organizing a weekly meet up where friendly, like minded, creative people can come and work on their art projects. I will lead a 20 min drawing warm up exercise at the beginning of each meet, then there is 2 hours of self guided work time for you to relax, chat, drink as many cuppa's as you can and work on your project.

We will also have bookable art classes and demonstrations from guest artists throughout the year these are coming soon from march onwards!

For more info just get in touch!



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