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Katharine Skorka

the artist behind Skorkart


Combining a love of animals and a passion for art has led Katharine Skorka to begin a successful career as a professional pet portrait and wildlife artist. Based in south Staffordshire, She uses pastels and watercolour to make beautiful pet portraits. Kathrine works from her studio Skorkart which is open to the public and based at Halfpenny Green Wine Estate in Bobbington. To make a portrait she works from a reference photo usually a favourite of the owners, one that means something to them and shows off their pets personality. Hours of work go into each portrait as Katharine makes sure to capture as much detail as possible. Once the portrait is finished, she invites the customer to the studio to unveil it which for Katharine is the best part....

I love to see the first reaction from the owners, especially if it is a pet they have lost. Seeing the memories of their pet flooding back to them and quite often some teary eyes, I’m so glad I am able to make something they will treasure forever.’

Katharine also offers original art, art prints, greetings cards and gifts featuring her latest work. 

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