Katharine Skorka

the artist behind Skorkart


All about Katharine and Skorkart:

Katharine has always been passionate about Art. She completed a BA Honours in Fine Art at Loughborough University in 2011 and was determined to stay focused on her artwork. After taking time out to travel the world, she began making pet portraits along side working full time in a local hotel/restaurant. As the Skorkart brand began to grow it was clear that running a small businness making artwork was an achievable dream. The opportunity arised to rent a unit at Halfpenny Green Craft Centre in 2019.  She took the plunge leaving her full time job to become self employed in her dream job and transformed the unit into the studio, gallery and shop that it is today. Skorkart is continuing to grow, Katharine offers Pet Portraits, Wildlife art prints and Originals, Greetings Cards, Art classes and more!